IC-INT-VPX3c – Intel Core i7 (Gen3) SBC

Intel Core i7 (Gen3) SBC

The IC-INT-VPX3c is based on the Intel Core i7 processor Ivy Bridge and its companion chipset QM77. This generation of 64-bit multi-core mobile processors offers unmatched technology for intelligent performance. Its optimised multicore architecture provides better multi-tasking and multi-threaded performance, floating point processing (Intel AVX) and integrated video features.

With its new generation FPGA and the associated Personality Module, the IC-INT-VPX3c is the perfect toolbox to build the most integrated embedded systems.

Moreover, the IC-INT-VPX3c is delivered with the IC Boot Loader. This capability to develop optimised UEFI firmwares allows Interface Concept to implement specific functions or services to further improve power-up sequences.

Main Features

Processor Units

  • one Intel® Core™ i7 3612QE
    • Core speed = 2.1GHz
    • Cache = 6MB
    • Thermal design power = 35W
  • DDR3-1333 with ECC (up to 2 * 4 GBytes)
  • boot flash memory
  • calendar clock with supercap and/or battery backup
  • one thermal monitoring sensor
  • a SATA SSD module
  • one FPGA (XC7 KX70T / KX160T on demand) and a Personality Module.

Communication subsystem

  • 3 * GigaEthernet ports (1000BT or 1000BX )
  • 1 * front RS232 UART
  • 3 * USB 2.0 ports (1 front / 2 rear)
  • 12 * PCI-Express Gen2 lanes
  • up to 4 * rear SATA interfaces
  • 2 * HDMI interfaces (1 front / 1 rear)
  • 1 * Intel HD Audio interface
  • GPIOs (from Personality Module)
  • SERDES (from FPGA and Personality Module)


  • Status Leds
  • PIC µ-controller for System Management (per VITA 46.11)


  • Engineering kit for debug : JTAG/COP, console,…
  • 3U Rear Transition Module

The IC-FEP-VPX3c is a 3U VPX board compliant with 3U module definitions of the VITA 46.0 standard.

It is available in air-cooled (1”) and conduction cooled (0.8”) versions compliant with VITA 47 classes.