ComEth 4070b – 6U VME L2 & L3 – 15 GigE Eth

L2 & L3 GigE Eth
VME Switch

Standard, Extended & Conduction Cooled grades

This product is not recommended for new designs. Please contact us.

The ComEth4070b is built on a Gigabit engine offering a layer 2+ switch and a full layer 3 router in a single equipment with optimized power consumption. The ComEth4070b supports full-wire speed L2 bridging and L3 routing with L2-L4 advanced traffic classification, filtering and prioritization. It can be applied in providing strict priority traffic needed for delay-sensitive or critical applications.

Auto-crossover, auto-polarity, auto-negotiation and automatic MAC address management make ComEth4070b a true Plug&Play switch. The Marvell Virtual Cable tester allows a remote identification of potential cable malfunctions as excessive pair skew, cable opens, impedance mismatch…

The ComEth4070b is fully functional compatible with our ComEth 40xx range.

  • 6U VME
  • Managed Layer 2+/ 3
  • up to 15 ports
  • 10/100/1000Base-T (rear)
  • 1000BaseSX (front)

  • 20 * 10/100/1000BT (RB)
  • 2 * 10/100/1000BTor 1000SX auto (FB)
  • + 2 opt 1*10/100/1000BT or 1000SX (mezz) (FB)