A10PL4 – Arria® 10 GX Low Profile PCIe Board with Dual QSFP and DDR4

Arria® 10 GX Low Profile PCIe Board with Dual QSFP and DDR4


BittWare’s A10PL4 is a low-profile PCIe x8 card based on the Altera Arria 10 GT/GX FPGA. The Arria 10 boasts high densities and a power-efficient FPGA fabric married with a rich feature set including high-speed transceivers up to 28 Gbps, hard floating-point DSP blocks, and embedded Gen3 PCIe x8. The board offers flexible memory configurations supporting over 32 GB of memory, sophisticated clocking and timing options, and two front panel QSFP cages, each supporting up to 100 Gbps (4×25) – including 100GigE.


The A10PL4 also incorporates a Board Management Controller (BMC) for advanced system monitoring, which greatly simplifies platform management. All of these features combine to make the A10PL4 ideal for a wide range of applications, including network processing and security, compute and storage, instrumentation, broadcast, and SigInt.



  • Altera Arria 10 GX FPGA
  • PCIe x8 interface supporting Gen1, Gen2, or Gen3
  • Dual QSFP cages for 2x 40GbE or 8x 10GbE
  • Memory: up to 32 GBytes of DDR4 SDRAM with ECC (x72)
  • Board Management Controller for Intelligent Platform Management
  • Precision clock and timing options
  • Utility I/O: USB 2.0